There will be strobe lights

This looks amazing. It will be screening at the Bell Lightbox in the near future – see If you’ve ever seen any of the band’s videos, watched them play live, or dreamed in Icelandic, you know what to expect… orchestral, ethereal, majestic, textural sonic and visual exploration. Everyone seems to be going to Iceland […]

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Video Friday

It’s more than a little melodramatic, but this first video is fairly interesting in terms of how we think about artistic ‘inspiration,’ creativity and imagination, especially in light of the Marcus Boon book about copying and appropriation. Thanks to Image Journal for the link! And secondly, this music video was done by the dynamic duo […]

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Free stuff

I love free stuff. It’s irresistible. From McDonald’s coffee to roadside office chairs to tickets to the Bata shoe museum, if it won’t cost me any money, I’m always hard pressed to think of a reason not to indulge. The Internet is full of free stuff, although it’s not always of a high calibre. So […]

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A little night music

Still figuring out all this embedding video stuff… here’s 2 David Bazan songs off his new record (still haven’t heard the whole thing – sorry Mike) “Strange Negotiations.” Bazan, formerly of Pedro the Lion, is one of my favourite artists – we’ve seen him a number of times in Toronto as well as his home […]

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Jesus Christ Pose

I am a great mono-tasker (the polar opposite of a multitasker) and so I will have to put Unfolding Forms on the back burner for the next week or two as I’m working on a major essay. In a nutshell, I’m trying to look at some of the “theological” aspects of Northrop Frye‘s concept of […]

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The buzz around Joel Heng Hartse’s recent book “Sects, Love and Rock and Roll,” which deals with the perhaps inevitable decline of Contemporary Christian Music, has got me thinking about my own experience of the church’s strange relationship to music. (For an “outsider view” of the troubled history and bizarre landscape of CCM, I recommend […]

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The politics of lonely

Just an update to my article on “Loneliness, King Midas and the Social Network” which I previously linked to here: When I wrote the article I vaguely remembered that one of my favourite bands, The Weakerthans, had a song called “Sun in an Empty Room,” and so I suspected that it was probably inspired by […]

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