Chaos and creation with Phil Irish

Full disclosure: I missed this recent show by Ontario-based artist Phil Irish. However, the artist was kind enough to allow me to share these images as well as answer a few of my questions about his work. [Click here to read his bio/CV/exhibition history.] I am quite interested in not only the thematic underpinnings of […]

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Visions and dreams

Some great reading in the midst of my “comps” (comprehensive exams, the second stage of the TST doctoral program)… first off, this insightful book by Timothy Gorringe. And secondly, this one which is great in terms of re-examining “disinterestedness” vs. desire in art: Thirdly, a healthy dose of the very continental J.-L. Marion. [Is it […]

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The Hart has reasons

I remember once trying to describe Jack Chambers’ experimental film The Hart of London to some less-than-interested conversation partners: ME (though less eloquently): “It’s one of the most striking films influenced by Christian iconography I’ve ever seen… archival footage of the history of London blown out to almost complete whiteness, and then halfway through a […]

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Icons and hyper-icons

  This is an icon of the “Hospitality of Abraham,” an Old Testament image which in the Orthodox tradition is a type of the Trinity. (The most famous version is the one painted by Andrei Rublev.) The figure in the middle is Christ, as you can tell from the inscription. How can you render as […]

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Required reading

I have a few things on the go at the moment, so can’t blog for long, but I do want to share some links: This piece by Brian McLaren responding to John Piper’s take on the earthquake in Japan is well worth reading. Divine “sovereignty” vs. control is in some ways an aesthetic question; what […]

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Art Church / Church Art

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the phenomenon of art galleries popping up in churches. I don’t mean churches being converted into galleries, which is happening in some places (lots of churches are also being turned into lofts, mosques, shopping malls and karate dojos) but active congregations literally “making a space” for the arts […]

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This is Gustav Dore‘s woodcut of the “Celestial Rose,” which illustrates a scene from near the end of Dante’s Paradiso:   I quite like it and would even go so far as to call it beautiful (or maybe sublime, or maybe sublimely beautiful). It treats a theological theme in an interesting visual way. Frank Burch […]

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Theological Aesthetics, round 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about the weird and wonderful field of theological aesthetics, and how it is relevant (or not) to the contemporary situation. (And concurrently, how if I come out of school as a theological aesthetician, I might at least be able to get a job at a religious nail salon.) And so […]

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