Stan Brakhage and the Art of Vision

The good folks at Transpositions (St. Andrew’s) have published another piece of mine as part of their Christianity and Film Symposium, this time on one of my favourite “experimental” filmmakers; click here to read “Visionary Film: The Apocalyptic Eye of Stan Brakhage.” Thanks to Transpositions editor Cole Matson, we were even able to get permission […]

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Opening theology

A quote for the day: Art is only one clue amongst others to another way. Perhaps a theology of art can never claim the urgency of feminist, green or liberation theologies. Its task is, none the less, to journey with them towards a more open theology in which the Church does not imagine itself as […]

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Chaos and creation with Phil Irish

Full disclosure: I missed this recent show by Ontario-based artist Phil Irish. However, the artist was kind enough to allow me to share these images as well as answer a few of my questions about his work. [Click here to read his bio/CV/exhibition history.] I am quite interested in not only the thematic underpinnings of […]

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Visions and dreams

Some great reading in the midst of my “comps” (comprehensive exams, the second stage of the TST doctoral program)… first off, this insightful book by Timothy Gorringe. And secondly, this one which is great in terms of re-examining “disinterestedness” vs. desire in art: Thirdly, a healthy dose of the very continental J.-L. Marion. [Is it […]

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RIP Thomas Kinkade

It’s early in the morning and I am sitting here typing one-handed with a baby in my other arm. I think this is how life is going to be for the next little while! But that’s OK with me. I just found out that the “painter of light,” Thomas Kinkade, has passed away at 54. […]

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A faith and doubt playlist, part 1

Can a song change you? Can it get inside your mind and, like Rilke’s archaic torso, demand in no uncertain terms “You must change your life”? In my own experience, I think it is possible. As Balthasar notes, music is a much more internal medium than sight or even touch… it “oscillates” between inner and […]

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