Theological Anthropology

I am in the midst of developing a fully online course on Theological Anthropology for Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. I’m really looking forward to digging into this material. Here is the assignment I am most excited about:

Write a brief theological analysis (6 pages, double-spaced) of the portrayal of the human person in a popular cultural ‘text’ from the last 40 years. This ‘text’ might be a novel, collection of poetry, TV series, film, or musical album. Ask yourself: what kind of “anthropology” or understanding of the human is assumed or explored in this work? How does it fit with some of the theological models we have explored in class? How does it reflect understandings of “the human” at our current socio-historical moment?

All potential topics must be approved by the instructor. A brief list of appropriate examples is provided below; investigating the work of a Canadian author, poet, musician, or filmmaker is especially welcome.

Novelists – Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, Lawrence Hill, Vincent Lam,
Joseph Boyden, Alice Munro, David Adams Richards, Miriam Toews, Ian
McEwan, John Updike, Elie Wiesel, J.G. Ballard, Don DeLillo, Cormac McCarthy
(*see sample paper on course website)

Poets/Songwriters – Leonard Cohen, Bruce Cockburn, Seamus Heaney, Czeslaw Miloscz, Margaret Avison, Denise Levertov, Bob Dylan

Filmmakers – Atom Egoyan, Sarah Polley, Deepa Mehta, Denys Arcand, Jean-Marc Vallée, David Cronenberg

I can’t wait! Spread the word… really looking forward to it.


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