Summer under the green roof 2013

The good people at Regent College in Vancouver have asked me if I would post some info regarding their spring/summer school course offerings in the area of Christianity and the arts. I am happy to oblige as there are, as always, some great courses on offer both from regular faculty – I would always recommend the classes being offered by Hans Boersma (theology) and Loren Wilkinson (theology and art) – and a host of visiting professors. I did my MCS at Regent and would say without question that spring/summer school was my favourite part of the year – smaller class sizes mean better access to faculty, there was usually live music and occasionally free coffee in the atrium, plus Vancouver in the summer is a beautiful place to be.

Roger Lundin’s “Modern Literature and the Question of Belief” is a potentially life-changing course. If you think Emily Dickinson is all about warm sentiments and rescuing sparrows, think again… the dynamic Lundin opens up between faith and doubt in her poetry becomes a passage into the existential depths plumbed by Dostoevsky, Faulkner, Bonhoeffer and Czeslaw Milosz. (With some Flannery O’Connor thrown in for good measure.) Lundin usually teaches at Wheaton College, but is a Regent summer school regular; I took this class a few years ago and it was excellent.

Roger Lundin: Modern Literature and the Question of Belief from Regent College on Vimeo.

Also, just as we have finished Hot Docs season here in Toronto, there is a course on documentary film being offered by Iwan Russell-Jones (the new head of the Christianity and the arts program). I think this is a very timely topic given the increasing prominence of documentary filmmaking over the last few years – if we are to speak of “truth” in film with some kind of theological/ethical/ontological clarity, perhaps this is a good place to start.

Here is a list of all the Spring/Summer 2013 arts and faith courses; check the Regent College website for dates and times:

J.R.R. Tolkien: Writer for Our Time of Terror, Ralph Wood
Faith, Hope, and Poetry, Malcolm Guite
Believing in Documentary, Iwan Russell-Jones
Modern Literature and the Question of Belief, Roger Lundin
Hollywood Cinema and the Christian Imagination, William Romanowski

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