Art and religion in the Big Apple

A few bits of relevant writing I found interesting this week:

Firstly, from hyperallergic, a fascinating interview with artist AA Bronson regarding the Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary in New York. The events they have put on have miraculously managed to bring together the art world and the theological community – a spirit of engagement and dialogue largely unheard of since the 1950s, when theologians like Paul Tillich were actually invited to speak at MoMA (almost unthinkable in today’s cultural climate!). An exciting venture from an historic institution, and a good read.

On a geographically related note, I also enjoyed reading a recent piece by Matthew Milliner in Image Journal on the transition from “the art of the barricade” – art as confronting and critiquing society, with artistic integrity sometimes being lost in the shuffle – to the emergence of a certain, peculiar “beauty” in the Chelsea art scene. You can read an excerpt from the piece on the Image Journal website.

Art, beauty and religion intersecting at the heart of the New York art scene… perhaps a positive sign for the future of what James Elkins diagnosed as the “strange place of religion in contemporary art.”


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