Visions and dreams

Some great reading in the midst of my “comps” (comprehensive exams, the second stage of the TST doctoral program)… first off, this insightful book by Timothy Gorringe. And secondly, this one which is great in terms of re-examining “disinterestedness” vs. desire in art:

Thirdly, a healthy dose of the very continental J.-L. Marion. [Is it weird that every time I see the cover of “In Excess” I hear the chorus of “Never Tear Us Apart“?] Onto-theology is out… “saturated phenomena” are in.

Actually, the song I really can’t get enough of these days is not by Michael Hutchence and co. but this one (see below) – Springsteen’s roaring, Celtic-sounding “Death to My Hometown.” Prophetic. Provocative. Timely. Art as resistance and social empowerment. [Here’s a well-worth-reading companion piece by Andy Whitman.]

Now get yourself a song to sing and sing it ’til you’re done


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