Two upcoming conferences on theology and art

I thought I’d mention two upcoming conferences (with attendant calls for papers!) that may interest readers of this blog:

First off, the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts at St. Andrew’s in Scotland is hosting “Theatrical Theology: Conversations on Performing the Faith” from August 15-17. Here’s a link to the conference site. Basically their aim is to open up points of dialogue between theology and theatre, something that has been long neglected but more recently taken up by theologians such as Kevin Vanhoozer and Samuel Wells… and of course, von Balthasar himself. As the blurb puts it:

Influenced and inspired by Hans Urs von Balthasar’s seminal work in Theo-Drama, a growing number of contemporary scholars in various theological disciplines are discovering the potential for interdisciplinary conversation between theology and theatre.

I am particularly impressed by the list of plenary speakers, including George Pattison, Timothy Gorringe and ITIA prof David Brown.

On the other side of the world in Langley (a fairly short drive from Vancouver, BC) there is a promising conference at Trinity Western University on October 18-19. This is the sixth annual Verge conference on the arts and faith at TWU and again, it’s worth going for both the topic and the plenary speakers: Terry Lindvall from Virginia Wesleyan and Lambert Zuidervaart from Toronto’s Institute for Christian Studies (who has just published a new book called Art in Public: Politics, Economics, and Democratic Culture which I am hoping to read this month). The conference theme is “Arts and Ethics,” as you can see from the banner below. Here is the link to the conference website.


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