Goodbye, January

There are a couple of things I’m participating in over the next little while which I thought I’d mention “in passing”: “Zips” Revisited This Wednesday, I’ll be speaking at the St. Michael’s AD seminar on the topic of “Expressing the Inexpressible in the Paintings of Barnett Newman,” which will be an abbreviated version of the […]

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Seeing and Savouring

At the moment I am working on a paper about theological and ecclesiological aesthesis – the way our physical and spiritual “senses” are involved in seeing, hearing, touching and tasting the rich repository of words, images, sounds, tastes and even smells that together make up the body of Christian tradition. (In brief, it’s a reminder […]

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The Hart has reasons

I remember once trying to describe Jack Chambers’ experimental film The Hart of London to some less-than-interested conversation partners: ME (though less eloquently): “It’s one of the most striking films influenced by Christian iconography I’ve ever seen… archival footage of the history of London blown out to almost complete whiteness, and then halfway through a […]

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