Return from the field of stars

Here are a few shots from “Compostela,” the video installation I did for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche on Saturday night along with the Toronto Choral Artists. Staying up all night in a beautiful historic church full of looped video screens,  enchanting choral music and bleary-eyed art enthusiasts was quite an experience. Thanks to everyone who helped, as well as the hundreds of people that stopped by all through the night!

I should also add that if you have any more good pictures or videos from the event, I’d love to see them!

From the program: St. Denys of Paris
has been associated with the mystical theologian known as Dionysius the Areopagite. Denys’ writings bring the spiritual seeker past the limits of human knowing to the “dazzling darkness” of divinity. (This is the installation piece pictured below; sorry to anyone who just saw static, the DVD player kept getting jostled!)

The view from the back of the church:


2 thoughts on “Return from the field of stars

  1. Hi Brett,
    Congratulations on your work! All the time and effort you put in was evident. I loved Compostela. The setting and the video worked together beautifully. I couldn’t look away; it was absolutely hypnotizing. I was wondering if the video is available anywhere? I would love to show my family a copy of it!

    1. Brittney,
      Thanks for coming to “Compostela,” I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was a great opportunity to be able to show the video in that space.

      I don’t have any official means of distributing the video at the moment, but I’m happy to get you a copy if you’d like one… under the “about me” section of this blog is a webform that goes straight to my email address, you can let me know how to go about getting it to you. Thanks again!

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