Art, faith, J.J. Abrams

For those of you with a little time to spare, an article I wrote called “Finding Our Way: Art, Faith and Mission” has been published in the latest issue of Missio Dei, an online journal based out of Tyndale Seminary. The article is an introduction to the troubled relationship of faith and art, which I hope will encourage other people (religious or not!) to get “lost” in the uncharted territory of the gallery.

Speaking of being “lost,” I recently discovered the work of artist Scott Erickson, who a few years ago (2009) made some interesting “iconic”  paintings of the characters from the TV show of the same name. (At the moment Andrea and I are watching “Fringe,” and hoping to see “Super 8” in the next little while, so at least in our house J.J. Abrams with all his luminous lens flares still reigns supreme.) “Lost” was, especially in those haunting first two seasons, easily one of the best shows ever made for network television and Erickson’s “Saints of LOST” offers an off-kilter but strangely reverent way of approaching the mythic characters which made its bizarre narrative so compelling. Of Erickson’s more recent work, I am quite interested in one of the pieces he did for Derek Webb’s “Feedback” album called “Your Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven.” This piece consists of two sets of concentric circles arranged vertically, suggesting the way divine mystery is represented in Eastern iconography. The mystery of heaven intersecting the mystery of creation… there is a sort of mirroring or proportionality (an analogia, if you will) between the two which I think is very interesting both visually and metaphorically.

Here’s a video of Erickson talking about the pieces, and the difficulties he faced moving into abstraction. I think some of the paintings are a bit reminiscent of Arthur Dove, although of course with a slight touch of “street art.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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