Back from the edge

After a much-needed vacation in Niagara Falls, Andrea and I are back in Toronto and it’s time for me to nail down my summer plans. First up is a directed reading course on contemporary aesthetics and the mysterious phenomenon of the “work of art.” My professor and I have put together a list of readings which range across the board, philosophically speaking: Martin Heidegger, Paul Tillich, Monroe Beardsley, Benedetto Croce, Jacques Maritain and of course von Balthasar. What is a work of art, ontologically speaking? What makes it a work of art? How does it “work” on us as viewers? In what way can this question be framed theologically, if at all? Two other books I’m looking forward to reading in the course of this research are Lambert Zuidervaart’s “Artistic Truth” as well as Herman Rapaport’s “Is there Truth in Art?” I also am going to take a look at a brand new collection of essays on the “analogia of being” or analogia entis edited by Thomas White.

I also now have a Kindle so have been busily downloading plain-text e-books from Project Gutenberg. Does anyone have any good recommendations for sites with free or inexpensive e-books, other than of course Amazon?

Other things to do this summer (in Toronto, that is): check out the Ed Burtynsky photography exhibit (“Oil”) at the ROM, attend free concerts by Joel Plaskett and k.d. lang as part of Luminato, and lament missing Lynne Cohen’s show at the Olga Korper gallery (it closed yesterday). I love landscapes, especially of the urban/wasteland variety. You also might want to head up to the Mill Pond Gallery in Richmond Hill this weekend (June 4-5) to see a show by Henna Kim, one of the artists we featured in the “Dialogues” show… check out these images from her website.


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