Off the beaten track

I sometimes find when you stumble across a suggestive image it keeps cropping up wherever you look. Here is an interesting twist on the train metaphor I suggested a few weeks ago from Northrop Frye’s short book Creation and Recreation; the train ride of “culture” and “nature” takes place at night, and perhaps for that […]

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Jesus Christ Pose

I am a great mono-tasker (the polar opposite of a multitasker) and so I will have to put Unfolding Forms on the back burner for the next week or two as I’m working on a major essay. In a nutshell, I’m trying to look at some of the “theological” aspects of Northrop Frye‘s concept of […]

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The buzz around Joel Heng Hartse’s recent book “Sects, Love and Rock and Roll,” which deals with the perhaps inevitable decline of Contemporary Christian Music, has got me thinking about my own experience of the church’s strange relationship to music. (For an “outsider view” of the troubled history and bizarre landscape of CCM, I recommend […]

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Target practice

In a recent post, Daniel Siedell has this to say about Christian interpretation of art, which seeks to situate the work of art within the larger metanarrative of the Christian framework/worldview: Yet art is a moving target. It fights against this urge to meta-narrate, to interpret. It exists only in its concrete specificity and presupposes […]

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