And now for something completely different…

As most things seem to these days, the Images Festival of film, video and new media has snuck up on me in what is proving to be a very busy week. It’s a very cutting-edge festival, with lots of weird and wonderful projects on display in galleries and screening spaces across Toronto. And lo and behold, the opening night gala is a screening of a new film by the talented Luo Li, who was in my alternative filmmaking workshop at York. On the subject of former York classmates showing their work, I should also mention that my friend Tess Girard has a feature called “A Simple Rhythm” that will be screening at Hot Docs as part of the Canadian Spectrum program. I haven’t seen it yet, but I do know that it played to good reviews at the Vancouver film festival.



On what seems to be a completely unrelated note, do you ever wonder what on earth people are talking about when it comes to evangelicalism, fundamentalism Old and New, the New Calvinism, the “emerging church” etc.? If you care to delve into these troubled waters, here’s a helpful historical overview (complete with a modest call to find a “third way”) of the history of evangelicalism in the twentieth century from Roger Olson. Controversial, but I have had my fair share of controversy this week. I’m not sure how I fit into the whole “evangelical” thing… I’ve used the word “postevangelical” but that sort of language seems to be unpopular these days. How about just “Christian”; part of the “one holy, catholic, apostolic church” as in the ancient creeds, somewhere between Rome, Byzantium, Wittenberg and Grand Rapids.


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