The final countdown

Andrea and I were excited to be able to relax over the long weekend (it was Family Day in Ontario, President’s Day in the U.S.) and do a little window-shopping for antiques in Queen West. I am also excited because yesterday was the “re-launch” (with a newly redesigned website) of Mediation, a blog about faith and media linked to The Other Journal in Seattle which I write for and facilitate. This week check out Kelly Hickman’s interesting take on eroticism and transformation in “Black Swan” (a great film which I previously wrote about here) and Thomas Turner on the resurrection of indie rock.

Also well worth checking out this week is the Arts & Faith “Top 25 Horror Films”. The contributors have come up with a great selection of films, from classics like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” through George Romero‘s zombie oeuvre to modern gems like the eerie but beautiful Scandinavian vampire art film “Let The Right One In.” The very existence of this Top 25 list is proof that there are Christians out there who  realize that profound themes, including “spiritual” ones, aren’t just in Narnia sequels. (On the opposite spectrum, here’s a tongue-in-cheek salute to the “Christian-est” movies of the year.)

Finally, it’s Oscar week… time to squeeze in matinee viewings of all the films you haven’t seen yet, or at least get a hold of the Best Documentary Feature nominees (“Exit Through The Gift Shop” is one of them) since they usually make their way to the video store well before the fiction films. Apparently I also need to think of an Oscar-themed costume…


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