Links to explore on a snowy day

Although it wasn’t exactly the blizzard we were promised, Toronto was covered with a blanket of snow this week. This gave Andrea and I at least one day to catch up on reading, as well as to finally watch Season 2 of “The Big Bang Theory“!

Some interesting links:

Here’s an interview with Derek Webb at Art House America. I had not heard of AHA before, but I have to say just from briefly looking around the website that this project is very encouraging as far as the church and art is concerned. It’s yet another reason that Nashville, aka “Nash Vegas,” is the best city in North America, at least according to people that live there. I also haven’t heard the “Feedback” album, but Webb’s last album was so good (plus I’m still a big Caedmon’s Call fan) that I am confident it will be worth listening to.



Also, the first few minutes of this video I ran into at /film are pretty neat – especially the editing! – as an exploration of how films reappropriate other cultural texts (such as, of course, other films). I also enjoyed the discussion of genres, like the “Sorry About Colonialism” film. Some of this may be quite obvious… we all know there is “nothing new under the sun,” and Harold Bloom‘s “anxiety of influence” is a mainstay in English classes… but anyways, it’s a well-made video about remixing, recycling and Hollywood that would serve as a great introduction to the subject. Also on the subject I would recommend the documentary “RiP!,” which I wrote about a while ago.

The Regent Theology Conference this year is unique in that it is bringing together a range of evangelical and Catholic scholars to discuss “spiritual interpretation” of the Bible. I am encouraged that Christians from different backgrounds are getting together in a spirit of openness to learn from each other… something that’s all too rare, especially among evangelicals. I guess I’m biased towards Regent since I went there, but similar fruitful interchanges have happened at places like Wheaton College near Chicago except with Eastern Orthodox theologians. (The Wheaton theology conference this year is about global Christianity and also looks pretty neat). And then there’s my current school, the Toronto School of Theology, where I’m the only Protestant in a class about Orthodox icons at the Jesuit college… pretty cool. Unfortunately I missed the annual TST Ecumenical Worship Service last week as I had an essay to write.

And finally, we are all of course following the situation in Cairo. It sounds like foreign journalists are having a hard time… Anderson Cooper was attacked by a mob of protesters. I really hope the situation ends peacefully, with a stable, democratically elected government without other countries trying to come in and set things straight (which often doesn’t go very well). Our thoughts and prayers are with the Egyptian people at this pivotal moment in history.


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