Book list for 2011, part 1

Rather than give my Oscar predictions (in brief: Colin Firth, Natalie Portman) I thought I would talk about books. I always feel like there are way more books I’d like to read than I can keep up with. Here are, to start, the theologically inclined books I was “meaning to get to” in 2010 that are […]

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The final countdown

Andrea and I were excited to be able to relax over the long weekend (it was Family Day in Ontario, President’s Day in the U.S.) and do a little window-shopping for antiques in Queen West. I am also excited because yesterday was the “re-launch” (with a newly redesigned website) of Mediation, a blog about faith […]

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The politics of lonely

Just an update to my article on “Loneliness, King Midas and the Social Network” which I previously linked to here: When I wrote the article I vaguely remembered that one of my favourite bands, The Weakerthans, had a song called “Sun in an Empty Room,” and so I suspected that it was probably inspired by […]

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Art Church / Church Art

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the phenomenon of art galleries popping up in churches. I don’t mean churches being converted into galleries, which is happening in some places (lots of churches are also being turned into lofts, mosques, shopping malls and karate dojos) but active congregations literally “making a space” for the arts […]

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Links to explore on a snowy day

Although it wasn’t exactly the blizzard we were promised, Toronto was covered with a blanket of snow this week. This gave Andrea and I at least one day to catch up on reading, as well as to finally watch Season 2 of “The Big Bang Theory“! Some interesting links: Here’s an interview with Derek Webb […]

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